More Imhoflot G-Cells for Dorfner

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(July 2011)

MMS is pleased to announce the sale of an additional two 1.8m Imhoflot G-Cells to Dorfner in Germany for their Kaolinite flotation circuit. For Feldspar rich Kaolinite mineral it is necessary to clean the concentrate in a second stage. The two new cells will be installed in series to treat the concentrate of 3 existing cells. The total throughput is approximately 90m³/hr. MMS also installed the three original 1.8m G-Cells at Dorfner in 2005 treating 120m³/hr. The G-Cells were ideal as in addition to the prime motivation of recovery benefits over conventional flotation, the cells high throughput and small footprint facilitated the installation. Commissioning of the new cells is scheduled to take place during August. MMS General Manager Mr Steve Flatman commented “ whilst sales to new customers are always important in any growing business repeat sales to existing customers are particularly rewarding as they speak for themselves “